:: Awards & Appreciations:


Charles Cros Award  |  November 2003

"Charles Cros" Academy is a famous French reputable association for awarding top musicians in different genres.
In "GRAND PRIX 2003" an award was granted to Parissa & Dastan Ensemble for Shoorideh Album.

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Silk road Project  |  June 2002

"The Silk Road Project" is the huge festival for introducing the East arts and cultures of the Silk Road countries. Parissa got an appreciation from Diana Parker, Director of the festival for her performing in this event.

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:: Parissa, Ensemble Dastan and Shoorideh in International Press


- Won the Charles Cros Award, for the best World Music Production in
  Grand Prix 2003
- Won the title Shock from Lu Monde du le Musique magazine, France
- Won the title Bravo from Trad Magazine, France
- Won the title Recommandé from Classica magazine
- Spent 2 mounths in European Word Music Charts (Sep-Oct)
- Second position in "Top of Asia" chart  of "Crónicas da Terra" website

 "Her crystal clear singing caresses the ear" (Liberation), "Extraordinary in every sense" (Le Monde),  "A miraculous voice" (Jazzthetik),  "The excellent sound quality enables every instrumental detail to clearly emerge. Top marks
 for music and recording" (Hifi Video), "A marvellous double CD, music of moving beauty!" (Classica),  "A double CD by the foremost female singer of Persian traditional music, working with five very skilled instrumentalists. This is extremely beautiful, highly interactive music, at once very refined and deeply emotional" (The Planet, Australia), "The great diva of Persian music returns with a marvellous CD." (Harper's Bazaar)

:: Shoorideh album has recommended by these magazines.

December  2004

Crónicas da Terra, žPortugal

December  2003

North Shore News, Canada

November  2003

Art Sud, France

November  2003

Derniéres Nouvelles d' Alsace, France

October  2003

Harpers BAZAAR, Spain

October  2003

Yasmina, France

October  2003

Voxx, France

September  2003

Classic, France

September  2003

World, France

September  2003

ISA, France

September  2003


September  2003

Routard Magizine, France

September  2003

Zicline, France

September  2003

Routard Magizine, France

September  2003

Fenetre sur cours, France

September  2003

Trad Magazine, France

August  2003

The Planet, Australia

August  2003

Le Monde de la Musique, France

July  2003

L'echo de la Haute-Vienne, France

June  2003

Liberation, France

March  2003

Le Figaro, France

January  2003

Le Populaire, France